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Vastu is an ancient Indian science study of structures and designs with the aim of creating a prosperous living by eliminating negative and enhancing positive energies present at a place or location so that a person, family, or even business inhabiting a building becomes prosperous and progressive.


If a building is not constructed on the rules and principles of Vastu Shastra then the thinking and action of people inhabiting or working in these buildings are not harmonious and progressive.


Dwelling in a building which is not according to Vastu Shastra principles can lead to loss of money, physical illness, loss of peace and harmony, loss of relationships, theft, fire accidents, loss of work, loss of productivity and decrease in sales, loss of production in a factory, frequent machinery break downs, and others.


Dr. Pankaj Goel (Ph.D.) specializes in the following categories:


  • Vastu consultation for a Plot

  • Vastu consultation for an Apartment or a Floor (new or old) in a multistory building or house

  • Vastu consultation for an Independent House (new or old)

  • Vastu consultation for a Factory (new or old)

  • Vastu consultation for a Shop or a Showroom (new or old)

  • Vastu consultation for a Factory (new or old)

  • Vastu consultation for a Hotel (new or old)

  • Vastu consultation for a Hospital (new or old)

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